The term hardcore software engineering was used heavily by Elon Musk during the takeover of Twitter.

Musk's tweet Musk's tweet

These tweets started a lot of questions and confusion. What is it? Am I a hardcore software engineer? Maybe I am too soft? Maybe I am more rock'n'roll one?

Rockstar programmer

Truth to say, there was a lot more tweets and actions which raised a few eyebrows about the new owner methods. Then a massive group of users started praising, teaching or ranting him. The heat of discussion was growing exponentially, but this is normal - take 5 IT people and you will end with 8 approaches, 12 new frameworks, 64 bugs 🐛 and near-zero consensus 🤷‍♀️.

But as IT people loves definitions and analyzing things, let's focus on the term hardcore software engineering and explore the possible meanings, prepared by a group of Experts (random Twitter users), so you can be pretty sure they are right.

The thread - started by Jason Gorman - brought us several definitions from different categories.

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Here's a sneak peak:

Exiting Vim (@TriTachyon)

It is a new style of pair programming. The main difference is that the other person is not a programmer. They're there to count down from 15 and when they reach zero you get punched. The count resets every time you write some code or whenever you're punched. (@TimMattison)

When Henry Rollins is the head of engineering (@JohnAthayde)

Write code while listening Sepultura. (@AurelAvramescu) rock programming

deadlifts and kettlebells before and after writing code (@TheDarkJ3Zt4h)

Programming while performing the positions of the Kama Sutra. (@skane2600)


Here is the full thread with more handy definitions. Here is another one. Pick your favorite, practice it and enjoy reaching 100 points in the game of being a super professional, up to date developer (you still have 153234 points to earn).