Recently I was working on new features for ABAP CI plugin for Jenkins, created by Andreas Gautch.

From my personal perspective - first of all it was getting back to my roots and use Java, some of the new language features, refresh how to work with Maven. Secondly - I learned how to extend Jenkins, maybe it's not the simplest and enjoyable thing you can do but hey, who said programming is 🆒 all the time.

Last but not least - the extension is now quite powerful. You can configure multiple SAP (on-prem) systems, for each of them configure whether to run ATC/unit tests + optionally get the coverage results. This can be done either as a freestyle project or in a pipeline. See the plugin repository on GitHub for examples:

I still have some ideas in my head, hope to find time to implement it ✍️.

Configuring SAP systems
Freestyle project setup
Jenkins pipeline result with coverage