Advent of Code is a recurring event of programming challenges, which you can solve to earn points, have fun or just use your magnificent coding skills to gain more coding skills...or realize, that after many years of solving so called business processes, user stories and use cases, you forgot a lot of things about algorithms, the nature of numbers, permutations, probability, cellular automata and so on [sigh].

My goal was to participate at least in the half of the tasks, as 25 days + 2 parts in each one is too much for a busy person and father of a young boy 🧒🏼🧨. Here is my repository of solutions I had time to work on, all in ABAP. All solutions are the first iteration, no second thoughts, improvements and so on, as I did not want to spend more time on them. Just have fun from solving puzzles and tears of sorrows from "WHY IS NOT WORKING WHILE IT SHOULD, FOR F*K SAKE", "MY SOLUTION IS CORRECT, THEY GAVE ME WRONG DATA!!!" and other joyful, elevating and educational moments you may encounter while coding 😱.

Speaking of educational things - I had my lessons like always pay attention to the data type; "invert" what you are looking for to get the result more efficiently and double check the input ;). It was also very interesting to read other developers caveats in the dedicated Reddit sub. Not surprisingly in many cases we had similar issues (and probably similar moments of joyful IT SHOULD WORK!!!).