An official Docker image for ABAP (1909) is still unavailable (will it come back? 💔). Meanwhile we got the info about planned 2020 release - see the update from 18th of January. BUT according to the comments 5 months ago 80-90% of this new image was ready 📈...

Meanwhile, good old 7.52 is still available on the trial downloads site. Just grab it, download and install, either via Docker or on Vmware/Virtualbox. BUT it is not working as it was usually, no matter in a container or on a virtual machine. I have encountered the same problems which people are posting - installation not starting after SAPCAR extract, problems during installation with DB scripts (freeze) or unstable operation after a successful installation.

OK cutting the boring part - here is a repository with multiple fixes compiled from several sources: I am working with it using Rancher and Docker, both with WSL2 integration, so far no problems. 🍻 and kudos to the authors, links to their original findings and discussions are included on the GitHub repo page.

A working SAP NW system should sweeten the wait for a shiny new ABAP platform image 🎆. If still feeling bitter, try Polish candies "Krówka".

By File:Wyborowa krowka belchatowska.jpg: Ministerstwo Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi, CC BY 3.0 pl, <>